At Papaw’s SPAW our signature focus is on health and well-being we concentrate on more than just keeping your best-friend beautifully groomed. We carefully test and screen all of our in-house products to ensure they are of the highest quality helping your best friend maintain excellence hygiene and overall health.
Regular grooming at Papaw’s Spaw will ensure maintenance of a healthy coat and skin. Nail care & maintenance is essential to reinforce healthy foot structure & posture. Regular visits also aide in early detection of any ear, skin, or teeth issues and also assist in reducing shedding.
Dog Spa
  • Small (Bath) $30
  • Medium (Bath) $35
  • Large (Bath) $45
  • Nail trim $ 10
  • Nail grind $15
  • Teeth Brushing $10
  • Brush out and doggy cologne spray (free)
  • Discount haircuts: By appointment 10% off first groom
Spaw grooming options includes: shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry, ear cleaning, nail trim and perfume or cologne depending on needs preferences.
Having a Bath
All grooms include: nail Trim, pad trim, ear cleaning, sanitary area clean up, bath and hair style. Pricing can range from $50 - $100, and varies on breed, size, styling and time required.  General ranges:
Dog Portrait
  • Small Breeds - $60 - $65 
  • Small-to-Mid Breeds - $65 - $75
  • Mid-to-Large Breeds - $75 - $100
All residents of Pavion Apartments will receive an extra 10% discount on all services at Papaw’s Dog House.
Taxes: All rates do not include taxes.